Hello Bookworm ...

I decided to just put a few FAQs down:

What's the Book Blog Blog?

Its simply that ... a blog that compiles book blogs!

How did this directory start?
I have my own book blog (and I am sure you have your own too) and inevitably my blogroll for book blogs was growing longer by the minute. This directory is an attempt to put in all those book blogs ... and keep adding on to it! So I guess we can consider this blog as an extension of our own blogrolls!

Can I add my own blog? How do I sign up?
If you have a blog about books or reading or anything remotely book-related (e.g. reading challenge blogs, book art, whatever), then please sign up!

Simply click on "Add your blog" in the navigation bar and sign the form. If you signed it up ok, you get a "success message" and the entry should automatically appear when you click on "View the Directory."

My blog's already in the list, but I want to change some information. What do I do?
Sorry about that. I started off the list by myself with those blogs in my blogroll and didn't have all the information at hand. I'm still trying to figure out how Zoho allows self-editing of entries.

Please email me in the meantime - put "Pls edit my entry in the Book Blog Blog" in the subject line and tell what information you'd like updated. Or leave a comment here.

Eventually the idea is that people enter their own information and edit it as they need to. A self-managing directory.

I'd like to help out. What can I do?
As you can see this blog needs a lot of work! Any volunteers for helping out in whatever way would be great.

Here's a short to-do list so far:
  • spread the word so other bookworms can add their own blogs
  • make a badge (or badges) so people can link up to this blog
  • whatever else you think would make this blog a nice friendly place to go to ...
Yes, I want to link back to the Book Blog Blog!
Proudly display this badge on your own blog with a link back! Or design your own badge and share it here.

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